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50' Kerr Lighting 16/2 Cable - Paverlightinternational

Kerr Lighting

16/2 Cable - 50' | Kerr Lighting

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Kerr Lighting
16/2 Low Voltage Cable 50' Length

Product #: KCAB162-050

Designed to optimize the performance and longevity of your low voltage transformer.  Use in combination with solderless silicone connectors, also sold through this online store for a quick, easy and solid connection that resists deteriorization. The best cable / connector combination you can buy for your landscape lighting needs. Maximum length suggested for 16/2 cable is 100 feet.

  • Energy efficient
  • Does not require additional codes and precautions

Available from: Paver LightBob
Condition: Brand New - In package
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Lights closest to the transformer will receive more power than those further down the line. If a cable run is too long or if too many lights are being powered by a single transformer, noticeable voltage drop may occur. Voltage drop causes the lights farthest from the transformer to become dim.

Voltage drop can be minimized by:
  • Using a heavier gauge cable (Kerr Lighting recommends a maximum power cable length of 100 feet on 16/2 cable and 300 feet for 12/2 cable)
  • using a transformer with greater wattage, using multiple transformers
  • Shortening cable lengths
  • Reducing the total number of fixtures on a run

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