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LED Retaining Wall Lights (6" x 8")

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Kerr Lighting - Retaining Wall Lights

Rock-like textured lens of the retaining wall light is designed to blend with surface textures of most rock-like segmental wall system products. The unique structural design of these sturdy, interlocking, long lasting lights are designed to support the weight and pressures of most retaining walls products .

Each light includes base, lens, lamp socket,  LED bulb(s) and solderless connectors
Fixture Dimensions: Height 6", Length 7 7/8", Depth 6 1/2"
Lenses are available in standard (white)

Kerr Retaining Wall Lights will showcase your landscape, accent your retaining walls and provide warmth, safety and security.
Retrofit into an existing project or a project under construction

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Condition: Brand New - In packages